Determining a sound capital and financing strategy calls for a comprehensive understanding of current market conditions and available financing alternatives. With a deep understanding of company, industry, and market dynamics, our highly skilled experts can help navigate your financing projects to keep you on track and help eliminate any potential issues or roadblocks that may arise.

We offer full-scope strategy and support for both equity and debt financing initiatives. We specialize in alternative financing sources, bank financings, public markets (e.g. IPO), debt financing program development, technology and growth investment assistance, and determine strategy and requirements for outside financing.

Who We Support

Beyond Velocity works with executives and business owners who are seeking assistance with capital and financing strategies and requirements.

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We provide several, dynamic solutions for your capital and financing initiatives that will meet your needs head-on.

  • Planning & Alternatives
  • Fundraising
  • Capital Deployment


Expert capital and financing planning and execution allow for achievable success and sustainability.

  • Evaluate the requirements and sources for potential financing
  • Fulfill growth capital needs through debt, equity, or alternative financing
  • Optimize the deployment of capital to support your strategic plan
  • Get additional expert support for your capital and financing challenges

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We recommend clients begin with one of the following Capital & Financing services.
These are critical activities designed to identify and highlight key actions necessary to achieve results:

  1. Financing requirements assessments
  2. Growth Financing
  3. Financing Alternatives

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