When it comes to your investor and industry specific needs and priorities, our effective, innovative support allows us to ensure you meet and exceed your objectives and uncover new opportunities and synergies for success.

Whether you are a private equity firm, venture capitalist, angel investor, or a lending institution, our services ensure a high rate of return on your investment.

Who We Support

If you’re a stakeholder looking for innovative and comprehensive solutions, Beyond Velocity can provide insightful and actionable items.

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Investor Solutions & Benefits

For our investor clients, we offer a high-level view of potential investments from top to bottom, quick assessment to identify early show stoppers, due diligence support, integration and transitional leadership and ongoing operational optimization.

Investor Solutions

  • Private Equity / Venture Capital
  • Lender / Alt Financing Support
  • Angel Investors

Investor Benefits

  • Obtain expert assessment of your prospective investees, due diligence support, and post investment integration
  • Receive assistance with review and selection of a portfolio of possible investment candidates or an overall assessment of individual investment candidates
  • Represent individual Angels or Angel Groups in an assessment or prospective investments

Industry Solutions & Benefits

For our government contracting and high-tech clients, we offer solutions based on proven strategies and extensive experience to accelerate sustainable growth and drive long-term value creation.

Industry Solutions

  • Government Contractors: All agencies, services, and products, M&A
  • High-Tech: Ongoing operations, technology, investment, M&A

Industry Benefits

  • Optimize M&A transactions through deployment of our extensive industry experience in both government contracting and high-tech
  • Capture best practices in government contracting
  • Receive expert assistance in managing technology investment and scalability in fast moving high tech markets

Get Started Now

We recommend clients begin with one of the following services. These are critical activities designed to identify and highlight key actions necessary to drive outcomes:

For the investor:

  1. High-level assessment of investment candidates – financial and operational
  2. Financial Visioning and Multi-year Financial Plans
  3. Terms and Conditions review
  4. Integration Planning

Industry specific:

  1. Strategic and Operational Assessment
  2. Financial Visioning and Scenario Planning
  3. M&A support: buy-side, sell-side

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